Q: Can you use Alcohol with the Sani-Fogger to disinfect?

A: No alcohol is not compatible with this product, flammable material of any kind are not to be used with this machine.

Q: Is it safe to use the machine in hot areas?

A: Yes, the fogger can be used in hot areas, but shouldn’t be used in areas hotter than 110°

Q: What temperature should you store the Sani-Fogger at?

A: The fogger should be store in areas cooler than 90°.

Q: How does the Sani-Fogger dispense the disinfecting solution?

A: The Sani-Fogger emits tiny aerosolized particles that are too small to see with the naked eye but will remain airborne for up to 10 minutes. These tiny particles enable the disinfectant to reach into small spaces and thoroughly cover and disinfect surfaces. That is why the product works so well!

Q: How many gallons of solution does the backpack hold?

A: The backpack can contain up to (2) gallons of fluid.

Q: Is there a certain way you should store/use the backpack to ensure the fluid
does not leak out?

A: Yes, we recommend storing the backpack in a vertical, upright position, and during cleanings to avoid bending straight over and having the backpack be in an up-side down position.

Q: Can anyone use the Sani-Fogger?

A: Essentially yes, however, this is a professional device and should only be used by high-functioning and trained adults.

Q: Do you have to wear any PPE while using the machine?

A: Wearing appropriate PPE during cleaning is recommended.

Q: What percentage of active and inert ingredients are in Citra-Cide, what is
the inert ingredient?

A: Citra-Cide contains about 4% of active ingredients and 96% of inert ingredients and the inert ingredient is H2O.

Q: What is ULV fogging and what is the best option?

A: Most sprayers and foggers have large particle sizes that weigh quite a lot. Due to gravity, these particles fall down through the air in seconds. Because the particles are so
large, they do not travel well into nooks and crannies or discrete areas where bacteria and viruses can survive for long periods of time. The use of electrostatic ULV foggers creates much smaller particles in the 50-10 micron range. These particles wrap more effectively around corners and underneath surfaces and their coverage is far superb to the use of sprayer-sized particles. They use far less disinfectant, have a lower chemical impact on the environment, and leave about 80% less chemical residue behind.
These smaller-sized particles float in the air and stay suspended for much longer periods of time than sprayer-sized particles. It is the increased amount of airborne time that is pivotal to the particles’ heightened efficacy in traveling to remote places and into smaller nooks and crannies and discrete areas.

Q: Are you able to see or feel the solution leftover on surfaces?

A: The particles that emit from the machine cannot be seen with the naked eye and should not leave behind a residue, if surfaces seem wet, you have applied as much as 3 times more product than necessary.

Q: What are some tips/ preferred methods for using the Sani-Fogger?

A: Disperse a heavy fog upwards in a room and under large objects. Allow for the products to “rain” down on all objects in the room. To disperse ULV particles at a short-range (eg. small offices), pull the throttle to the minimum position, and coat surfaces quickly. To disperse ULV particles in a high roofed environment (eg. warehouse) or great distances (ie. 50 ft away), use the full throttle and move slowly

Q: How many square feet can you convert with 1Gal of Citra-Cide Concentrate at a 32:1 dilution ratio and a 16:1 dilution ration?

A: If you are using the 32:1 dilution ratio, it will cover 180,000 sq.ft. with 8-16-foot
ceilings. If you are using the 16:1 dilution ratio, it will cover 90,000 sq.ft with 8-16-foot ceilings.

Q: What is Citra-Cide’s kill time?

A: Citra-Cide’s kill time is 1 minute in concentrated form, and 10 minutes in diluted form.

Q: Where can I find Citra-Cide on EPA List N?

A: To find Citra-Cide on the EPA list N, visit: https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-disinfectants-use-against-sars-cov-2-covid-19 and search EPA Registration #: 47371-131-6885

Q: How quickly will my order be delivered?

A: Your order will be shipped within 14 business days from the date of purchase.