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Disinfecting equipment made in the USA and disinfectants.

The COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges of the century. It has also made many of us more aware of the harmful threats that may appear in our environment, and of different methods for keeping your environment safe from harmful and life-threatening pathogens. How long this virus will continue to spread and have an impact on the world, is not yet foreseeable. Following the very evident, rapid change, that the Coronavirus pandemic has on our social life, work life, medical care, and economy, it has become an urgent task trying to find the utmost effective and efficient sanitation and disinfecting solutions that will lead us back to a safe co-existing society again. And that is exactly what Ponev has to offer to businesses and people looking for that extra defense against cross-contamination.

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Disinfecting of contaminated surfaces is one of the frequently implemented, necessary measures to control the transmission of pathogens. Therefore, disinfecting and sanitation products are becoming increasingly vital. Keeping surfaces and touch-points safe is important in all areas of our daily lives.

Viruses and bacteria are the most common cause of infectious diseases in the outdoor and indoor environment such as: hospitals, schools, offices, and households, causing a considerable impact on human health. Transmission of viruses occurs predominantly directly from person to person, followed by indirect transmission.

With so much demand for products, it is the responsibility of Ponev to provide the best quality to our clients. Disinfecting and sanitation products are used to limit the spread of infection in hospitals or to support the production of food and pharmaceuticals by creating a cleaner environment. It means that disinfection equipment is necessary for businesses to properly protect their communities and employees.

Health issues arise when a surface that seems visibly clean contains enough bacteria to be transferred to another surface or cause infection. To prevent cross-contamination, order Sani-fogger and our EPA Registered disinfection solute, which is proved to be the best and most efficient way to stay safe and healthy, especially during the pandemic. It will provide proper disinfection of offices, hospitals, production facilities, and many other public places.

Almost every business with an interest in limiting the spread of viruses strives to keep their buildings safe and their employees healthy. Buy disinfecting and sanitation products and provide safer, virus-free, and bacteria-free working space in your facilities, which will allow you to continue your activities. By eliminating the harmful bacteria is an efficient way of running the business: ensure good service, produce faster, and keep livestock healthier.

All Ponev disinfection machines help not only to reduce waste and limit the impact on the environment, but they also increase the quality of life for everyone in multiple industries. Order disinfecting and sanitation products and stop worrying about the uncertain results of manual disinfection. They will help you with assistance with areas that are regularly a problem without disrupting production flow as manual methods would.

Order today with the delivery across the entire US. Portable disinfecting and sanitation products for offices, homes and apartment buildings, stores, warehouses, logistics, healthcare and public/government buildings. Patented technology. Affordable prices. Made in the USA.

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Ponev offers the following disinfecting and sanitation products:

  1. ULV Disinfection Fogging Machineelectrostatic disinfecting fogger, sanitizing method, disinfecting equipment.
  2. Disinfectant cleanersanitation and disinfectant cleaner for fogging equipment.
  3. UVC Disinfectant Lighthigh-level sanitation and disinfection, viral elimination, environmental cleaning, infection control, and prevention.

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